why is it that it is a mandate that I have to check a box I do not identify with?
Caste? Religion?
Why do I have to take the society slathering me with colors I did not choose, Saffron, White or Green?
Because of my accident of birth?
Take a minute to emphasize how immature that is. It may make sense to many of us as we so confidently say that we CHOSE our religion not as itself but as a way of life but what we have to accept, at least this day, is that there be two lies lining between those lines; one of choice and one about how we pretend that it’s anything more than a coincidence. What if I were to ask any one of my friends and family who be direly supportive of their religious views, many even aggressive as to label theirs superior to others, this –
who do you think you would be if you were born into a different faith with merely the same probability that you’re in yours now?
would you be the same person?
would you have the same beliefs?
would you paint yourself the same colors that you do now?
How would you then defend your beliefs against this faith that you now call yours?
The same way you do now, rallying your inhibitions against others who believe in different things than you, I dare presume?
Then how, in any way, could anyone possibly be extreme about a religion or a faith or any particular belief, in ways that can degrade, offend, and look down upon others when you realize all that you have harbored are ideologies and emotions not of your own choice but of a large probability that could’ve ended elsewhere except for your upbringing and again, by the accident of birth alone?

On that note, take a moment to consider this – the reason why we are who we turn out to be is, mostly, because of our exposure to things as we grow old, be it the media, in all its forms, or family. The media, some may argue, could be biased, as is the society and in essence, humanity, differently in different parts of the world but the upbringing, as I’ve said before, is a major subplot to this tale, as in a prequel, cause and effect way. IF parents and people who we have had in our lives, as constants, in a very young and impressionable age, have made the time to not tell us that we are a Hindu family or a Muslim one or a Christian one or that the beliefs of our faith are more important/ earliest/ better/ great or claiming territories and lands across nations to be belonging to particular faiths and that the others have invaded/ settled to outweigh and occupy/ infiltrated and by that principle, have no right to be wherever here is ( not realizing that inventing or recognizing or discovering a religion at a certain place and claiming it as it’s own or migrating to a place where no one else was and presuming FCFS applies isn’t what is logical for we all believe in evolution and to think that we have invaded and destroyed the homes of many species would make us what, then? ) or as I have known personally and I can not stress this enough, filling a child’s head with BS that your religion makes you better than all others but to use those times, instead, to inform them that as an individual and NOT as a parent and NOT as the head/breadwinner of a family but just as an individual, of your choice, if it was ever that, and give them your reasons, not as explanations but as advice, as to how and why you chose to follow and have stuck to this particular one for so long and if you’re up, help them learn of other ones too if not on a scale that you can do yours, at least at a level that you comprehend them to be and NOT your opinions of them, for history tells us those can be horribly clouded and maybe this, just maybe, would help them make an advised choice for themselves, as to what religion or caste or creed the may think would suit them best and if you’re worried they may make a wrong choice, be brave enough let them for then, they would reconsider their thoughts and beliefs and reason with themselves as to why they’ve failed themselves with their choice and what could be a better option. Then, that critic in them could lead them to where they best suit and this, among all other options, may hinder extremism, of any kind for they’ve seen things from multiple perspectives, even the ones that their elders have failed to see and have had inhibitions of hatred and distrust, in the first place, and it is quite possible that this could bring down hate crime in the name of faiths on an enormous scale and I hope, help finding peace.
And be very wary, extremism is not only flying planes into skyscrapers or unloading machine guns in churches or mass killings in many masked and hitherto undiscovered chaos in that name. It can also begin with something as simple as a kindergartener boasting off or a retaliatory speaker advocating supremacy not being aware of how many youngsters that might affect who would only nurture emotion over reason or a responsible individual who’s right by their own code.
And thus, it all boils down to those very questions –
why is it that it is a mandate that I have to check a box I do not identify with?
If the answer is, if you are from a nation where quotas and reservations exist, I’d say that these systems should be based on economic backgrounds and nothing else.
Because of the accident of birth?
Reconsider everything you believe in assuming you were born into a family of polaristic faith. Can you talk yourself into believing that you’d then too have the same ideologies but under a different name, which would hold true had you not been biased against others this time or would you just strike all this off with an obvious logic that the former can never be a reality?


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