I wish time had lost it’s meaning; doesn’t make much sense anyway!
For days stretch for aeons and years only seem to melt away…
but I kept living, living for this one day
hoping, almost begging the non-existent gods, to see you this day.

Ah, darling, but what do gods know of the destruction time wreaks
upon a heart, torn between reality and yesterday; as of love, it reeks.
For they all either be immortal, unaffected by time’s hunt, mystique
or are characters from books, written by men, as men and as freaks.

knowledge isn’t always power, knowing you’re in this same ocean,
of men, of faces clad in masks, floating heads that bear no emotion,
drifting away from me, seeking another face, another mask
forgetting me bit by bit, memory by memory, breath by breath.

For all the eighty eight days we’ve been together,
for all the tears and smiles that now only I remember,
and for all these years apart, that will now haunt forever,
I’ve had this one wish, more a regret; left in me and none other.

A wish to give myself a chance to feel alive.
A wish to find a reason to be.
A wish no star had shot by.
A wish no fountain could grant me.

A wish renewed every year, and the next to come.
A wish to see you this day.
and share this one day with you, once.
to sing you a carol for your birthday.

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