train_wrecks of thoughts
train_wrecks of thoughts

   She made it okay for me to feel things that I’ve never let myself feel before & every time I saw her, it was something new; maybe that was why I was drawn to her, a bit more each time… not sudden like an addiction that I couldn’t have lived without… just a subtle dream I would’ve wanted to have every night, a dream worth falling asleep for.
& that’s darker and deeper from within me than it sounds… for I’ve been an insomniac by choice; I’ve induced insomnia so I don’t have to deal with the nightmares I’d had and also the fatal train-wrecks of thoughts that come colliding in me, collapsing on my very vulnerable self right before I fall asleep. So when I say I could go to sleep just to have a dream that you are, despite the possibility of all that I’m afraid may follow is all that I could put how you make me feel into.


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