Aphrodite’s marvel



have heard of maelstroms and seen mires
but a pair of eyes so gravitational, never.
a breath that made pansies blossom in summer
that touch, irresistible; quite alike ether.
beauty‘ couldn’t begin to fathom her
an elegance no pair of eyes alive could conquer
a lure potent; faded all life else to whispers
so much that Selene’s kept staring forever.
a heart, bottomless, home to many a monster
broken it each apiece, we have & this is mine, a splinter.
she handed herself over to us, fiends playing lovers
tore her in ways our own & she stitched herself together
she got whole again, every time, leaving tiny pieces behind
cursed by time, she aged unlike mankind
locking in all she has left, hoping to be more alive
slain words, on her lips, she had, seldom tears off eyes
but that’s who she was, spreading love, holding death inside
a magic in all sense, a miracle, a sad irony,  an irresistible desire.
a desire no mortal or deity could help but pine
for she wasn’t just a delight, she was divine.


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