lives of the lifeless


rusting bicycles humming soothing mechanical-melodies 
whirring chains & chirping breaks singing forgotten lullabies
bringing back the auditory nostalgia aboard a storm of memories
a wake-up to things we’ve left behind within us, dormant maladies

feet full of flesh memories taking us places we fled from in nightmares
minds wasted with wanderlust drifting between yesterdays & morrows
elsewhere’s resonating footprints & rippling footfalls colliding in today
ending up in a chaotic mosaic of torn calendars and broken hearts

tattoos weeping a tear each for every kiss they once bore
fingernails & piercings, mute witnesses, eternal as souls,
kept watch all life, collecting numb sympathies addressed nowhere
keeping company till our bones rusted off tears’ downpour

creaking armchairs with broken backs still stand for us
rotting floorboards & perishing wallpapers pity us
the weather beaten wind vanes chiming & mimicking 
the flashbacks as our handicapped clocks remember, almost mocking.

Surreal funerals of reality torching the unsaid on pyres immortal
graveyards of the unaddressed kisses decorating our lips
masterpieces of death livening up our decadent hulls
choking coffins woven of said lies & untold love, rendering hearts limp.

Yet, life kept spending days as if it had no intention to cease
and with it, our slain dreams, each apiece.
no wonder we be superficial & pretend to be at peace
for there’s naught left but ashes & hollow heartbeats

So we let the bicycles have burials beneath cobwebs tangling our feet,
quit clocks & calendars, ridding ‘em off in yard-sales alongside unsold trifles
then the yards too, supplementing our homes as the skies spit over & so did we;
spat all remains of words that remained, a hope to forget all hopes stifled.

But we still were left with things we couldn’t dispose of on streets aloof
or elsewhere & we couldn’t kill ’em for we still were pitiful of ’em,  just not enough.
thusly stuck with ourselves; although quite lifeless, still alive,
as aftermaths of the shipwrecks we’ve all, together, survived.


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