a right to humanity


Oh parasitic pride, my brother!
dear ironic world, my mother,
into moulds eternal, we were smothered,
casts of sex, riches, creed, breed & color.

Burn us if we had a choice
for cast we were before we had a voice.
Cast in the very good will of thy god,
am I not a lamb like you in the flock of the lord?

Then tell me why am I damned?
buried a disgrace, burned & stamped!
As if your perception of this great play
makes you righteous & me, the one to pay.

Immortal resonance of all this shame,
reaching beyond lives, through them graves,
can’t you hear them weep tears of ink,
writing you responsible for their misery, in your name?

Yes, she’s black; yeah we’re homosexual,
by god, I’m poor! But how are we responsible?
if you’re scared by the ways of nature,
I wonder why won’t your mirror show you a monster!

As I weep a lifetime’s longing,
over love unsaid, pain unsung,
for I’m banished from loving truly
just because your books, constitutions & scriptures, told you it’s unholy!

Who do I blame? Who do I kill?
but my love for another man, I will!
because you, oh world! You’ve forgotten
what it’s like to love, to be humane!

I’m still proud of how I was born,
despite aeons of pain & being torn
for it’s not my fault, for your selective insanity
deprives you of your right to humanity.

P.S. just as right to health is the universally established standard of health to which all beings are entitled, the Right to Humanity is everybody’s right to exercise their rights that aren’t written elsewhere; rights that can only be enacted & felt by choice, rights inked in love, empathy, compassion & kindness. These rights can not be forced upon, only be followed willfully. So, if someone’s prejudices deprives them of their right to humanity, their right to be humane, pity them & spread the awareness because if someone says being given a choice of sexuality is wrong, what they’re actually saying is having a right to be human is wrong.


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