making it count

gears of a clock


As you read this, hear yourself speaking it to you; calmly, soothingly, almost reassuringly.
Now ask yourself this – ‘if this were to be the last minute of the world‘, listen to your voice in your head very attentively, it’s not your last minute, you are asking yourself
if it’s the last minute of everything and everyone, what would you do? Who would you be with?
Don’t rush yourself. Take your time but be positive on what or whom you choose. Close your eyes if you must or a walk or a night if you have to but think of it. There can be a number of things you could do in a minute and people you’d be with, choose any number of them if you will. But be confident that you really want to spend your last minute with them and also, you should dare to ask them to spend theirs with you. Are the ones you initially thought of worth that remnant of your life, do those things really have that amount of significance and think if you are worth theirs.
Think again.
And think again if you’d like to.
One  last  minute.
I understand this is not an easy thing to do given your love for so many people and with your passion for so many things and more importantly, having to decide on your own who are those that truly love you and love you enough to do what you are willing to do – choosing that person over most others and mostly everybody else! It requires a colossal amount of faith in them & in yourself but can you really judge all the people in your life and weigh them against each other and pick up a few names? What of the people you’ve forgotten or have chosen to forget, who once were your everything? Did they make your list earlier? Do you still love them even after you had your heart broken over them or you broke theirs, many a time? And would you consider the things you’ve tried to do that many times and have failed to or couldn’t try and have given up? But are your dreams still so filled with them that you’d give them one last chance?
Take your time.
Decided yet?
Now there may be countless reasons or may even not be one or you may just not know but you chose them and those. But there’s no edict or barrier stopping you from being with them or doing those things any less unless you’re holding yourself back from living completely; also, it doesn’t have to be the fear of the end or the persuasion of that idea of final few seconds to push you to them. If there was anyone, at least one person, who made your final list and you are currently not in touch with them, whatever be the reason, call them. Forgive them if you must and apologize if you have to. Be kind enough; be brave enough. Be with those who you love and who make you feel loved and do those things you’d give your life for. Life’s too short to do anything less.
And on a final note, if anyone of you rare few who’ve read this this far still have all those people on your list in your life and appreciate their presence in it, let them know. Of all the things that go unsaid, unexpressed love leaves scars that time can’t heal. If you can’t think of anything else to say, a simple ‘thank you‘ will suffice.
Remember, it’s your life. Don’t just be a part of someone else’s celebration; celebrate yours too.


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