‘:) Birthday’s & ‘I ♥ You’s

Happy Birthdays & I♥Us


Greeting cards were designed to aid people who have trouble expressing themselves, for they could be quiet introverts or acutely inarticulate, so that they could speak their hearts out better. It’s really sad that we fail to cast charms with words we spell just because we can buy them ready made, printed and sold! I still prefer handwritten sentiments for they show how much effort you put into putting your feelings into words and put them together and not just swipe your card on the run for a few phrases some stranger had written for a capitalist to make money over people’s feelings being devoured by laze.
Pity, we’ve come to this.
When was the last time you wrote or read a love letter?
Yeah we’ve upgraded our means but to what end?

Those who haven’t  this experience can not possibly imagine the excitement in cutting open the envelope, the effort it takes to preserve them mines-of-pleasure for years, the happiness there’s to be had in finding the ones you thought you’d lost forever, the joy in rereading them after decades, the connection you make as those letters begin to age with you becoming your horcruxes; each holding a piece of your soul, the undefinable experience when you touch the tear stains on them and be teleported to the time and place when you first read them and each fold on those sheets reminds you of the joyousness, sorrow, heartbreak and sweetness you’ve lived back then!

I’d rather put up with the struggle to save them from being destroyed for all these reasons than save those texts online that last as long as you have control. It’s never the same to delete those plain texts over the internet with one click and to actually man up, muster all the courage, and crumple or even tear the letters which you’ve reluctantly decided to discard knowing you’d, forever, loose those words.

When you read the letters, any number of times and over any period of time, you can still hear them being said in the voice of the writer, word by word, with the hissing of breaths they draw and leave between the words still warm against your ear, whilst they write, the way they’d pronounce and intone every expression in expressing all they could say in ink and love. And what do you hear when you read the greeting cards? You don’t; at least not without you deliberately imagining it.

We’ve let artificiality and superficiality take over our relations and feelings, subsiding all that we once held dear and we, as a generation, are eternally guilty of it. What great deal would it cost us to grab a paper and scribble a few words, heartfelt nevertheless? I’d rather write a simple ‘Happy Birthday‘ than have some Shakespearean or Homeric, parchment printed, fiber-laced, shiny lined fancy card costing something extra after the discount. How long will it take for anyone to write a ‘Happy Birthday‘ or an ‘I love you‘?


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