the right questions.

Syrian kid surrenders

what is life?

Everybody seems to have a definition of their own. We don’t have to disagree nor agree with anyone’s as long as we value it above everything else.

I put a few rounds in your men and you dump fire over mine. We’re both fine in the end, still taking pride in what we did, scaling the number of lives we have collected, as were trophies, drunk on violence and revenge cycling the loops of blood either side, everywhere, we’ll both live on to die a boring death half a century later but our legacy will live on – a legacy of murder, no matter what you & I want to call it, a legend of atrocity and tyranny, with others swarming in with us to join this revolution of death. Religion blinds me and rage does you but we’re not that different you know, you & I? Eager for a chance to show off our ammunition and our toys to the world and expect it to tremble at our very thought as we’d like to make sure they do at our deeds. We want them to live in fear but only the fear of us; seeking power in that fear as we play god we’ve both forgotten one fundamental. we’ve left behind a tiny detail where it all begins.


We’ve never reconsidered, never stopped to spare a thought on what we’re taking from the world and what we’re adding to it. Sure, we’ve added a handful of assassins, multiple explosions and air-raids and majorly a very irrational sense of religion to all those weeklings who try to perceive whichever version of theology suits them, as we traded them for  tears and blood of the innocent; we robbed them of their happiness, we plundered their smiles and left them with naught but tragedy and pain and all that in the name of what? I hide behind a cause claimed holy and you under your cloak of pretentious peace.

As far as we’ve come, we’ve left a trail of darkness as all our souls rot with murder and as far as I can see, we’ll be doing it for the rest of our lives and for generations to come but the thing is, if we don’t put an end to it there won’t be anyone left who could really be happy, just a bunch of psychos bent on killing off everybody else because this violence is a fever that catches on faster than a wildfire, consuming everybody in its path either victimizing them or making them victimize all who don’t.

This has to stop.
I don’t know how else to say there’s more to life than merely living just as I’m at a loss to name what we’ve been doing beneath the masks of humanity and mankind because there’s nothing humane or kind about what’s been done. Until the day no man needs to fear another, we’ll never be what we’ve been calling ourselves all along. We’ve got to realize the emphasis of our responsibility to end this madness, we’ve got to piece together an answer to it, for that we’ve got to ask ourselves the right questions first.
How long will it be before we annihilate all else, continuing on this path?
How long is it before we realize the truth of it?
what is the purpose of it all?
what will it take to make us see the horror that it is?
what is so special about taking a life?
and more importantly, what is life?

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