l’ éternel voyage

falling asleep


Every night, most of us, if only not everyone, quite unintentionally, almost involuntarily deliberate to dwell unto a realm somewhere between rest and sleep where only two things exist – What we’d want in the morrow & What we’ve lost to the past; a land where one can think of nothing else, a sea whereon one hopes to seek lost hopes and unfound memories wrapped in unsaid goodbyes but all one finds are pieces of unwritten words to unsent letters from unseen dreams, as if watching a sundown and being reminded of a forgotten sunrise but the mind can only bear so much before it gives up, shuts down, falls asleep and it relives this voyage, without a memory of it, come the next night or chalks it up to déjà-vu if it happens to stumble upon a tiniest wave of remembrance or maybe it chooses to ignore whatever it remembers of it just so it can relive them for a mind sees only what it chooses to.

It’s almost the time to set sail again, surrendering, beaten by sleep, quite intentionally this time, here I come.

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