speech bubble
empty conversations


ever feel like not doing anything but you don’t wanna be doing nothing too?
like you don’t want to exist for a while?

sometimes one may not desire to converse – speak or listen to, but how does one stop talking to oneself? quit being heard by oneself? how does one silence one’s mind but stay sane at the same time? like wishing to mute out one’s inner voice.

but its hard to explain how it feels to want to talk to a person, in particularity or in generality, but restraining yourself from it because you don’t want the conversation to alter the state of mind that you are in?
like you got to terms with how you feel, morose or even acutely depressed, and you want to deal with it by yourself and not by the aid of some sweetening chat, but at the same time you wish to talk to that person, talk of something completely unrelated to what you’re dealing with, to someone who’s not necessarily a love of sorts,so to speak, but has a very special place in your life, just for the sake of conversing!
oh the dilemma!

and then there’s this time when you crave, almost beg yourself to talk to that one person, who means a lot to you; who you meant something to, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore, and they seem a thousand miles away, when in reality, they’re just a drive afar.
does it ever seem to you the moon is too far away, (not astronomically) even when you know the both of you, you and the moon, are right where each belongs?

all that been said, did you ever dare to talk to yourself about how you want forgiveness from yourself for all those things you’re unsure you’re guilty of, just to clear your conscience; and how you forgive or forgave?

its funny how a conversation can help you get better or get the better of you, from the way how you do or don’t look at it.


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