whatever happened to those kisses she blew! it feels like I never got ’em. I wish I could go on a voyage finding those..
*sigh* only if my heart’s sails weren’t torn trying to hold on to what turned out to be nothing.nothing?
all that’s left now are the anchors of our memories weighing me down and a compass of conscience that doesn’t know which way to point.
the way I see it, this stern of time is gathering more waters of sorrow than whatever winds of hope those torn sails could.
now I hear all and each of the boards below decks, promises of days never to come, deep within, creak and crack as all of her smiles have begun to fade away into the shadows of the sea.
the lines that have held this vessel of hopeless hope this long out are giving away.
it defines powerlessness to have the wheel in your quivering palms but the rudder’s long gone and you can only watch yourself run into the life’s nothingness smoothly, almost willingly but you can never turn around,doesn’t matter if you want to either.
you are moving on and with each breath you are moving onto what you should be floating away from.
I can see not elsewhere its headed than the darkest,smoothest bed beneath this sea of tears.
As I drown in what must be my longing for her gushing out my eyes, I only regret not being able to sail on that adventure to find all those kisses she blew.


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